Summer in Alaska

Denali National Park in Summer

Summer is the best time to travel to Alaska. Winter is also beautiful time to be in Alaska, winter has its own charm. However, because of the temperature, most of the visitors come to see Alaska in summer. We start seeing summer visitors coming to Alaska for vacation as early as last week of April. Most of the highly visited places in the interior and further north only start getting visitors from middle of May. Denali National Park, one of the most popular destinations, starts receiving guests from late May and June.

Summer in Alaska is very brief, a reason why it is important to plan Alaska travel in advance. June, July, August and September can be considered as our summer months, and each month has their own charm. Month of June is not too hot and not too cold with average temperature hovering around 70s. In the interior daylight lasts all night. Its like the life sprouts out of hibernation in June. The landscape that looked dead and barren comes to life in early June with the melting of snow, the dry tundra are now lush green with wild flowers blooming. In the interior Alaska, wild iris blooms in June.

Redoubt Bay Bear Viewing

July and Augusts are the high summer season in Alaska, with first two weeks of July being dry. The last two weeks of July and first three weeks of Augusts are wet and rainy. With salmons running upstream, many visitors to Alaska enjoy salmon fishing during this month of the summer. Salmon run also attract bears, and in places like Katmai and Redoubt bay, one can enjoy sightseeing bears catching salmons as they try to go upstream to their breeding ground.

Interior of Alaska sees brief summer, and with vegetations lush and green, and berries out and about, in August, one can see bears in the interior busy eating berries. While on a full day adventure trips into Denali National Park, one can see lots of bears during this time.

End of August and first two weeks of September is the fall time in Alaska, with ripe berries in the tundra, and fall colors all around. As the leaves turn from green to bright yellow, the contrast of that color in the background of deep blue fall skies, makes this the most wonderful time of the whole summer. The tundra, otherwise green throughout the summer, starts turning color and become red. Patches of red, yellow and green all around; it’s like Mother Nature stroking these colors in canvas reminiscing Van Gough’s masterpiece, Wheatfield with Crows.

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