Our Canadian Neighbors

Lake Louise, Banff CanadaI wanted to start this out with “our neighbors to the north” – because I’m from California! Now that I’m settled into my home in Alaska, I will be just as comfortable calling them “my neighbors”.

Canada is place that should not be mistaken for the “foreign country” persona. The beautiful land that the Canadians belong to can be seen nowhere else and should not be overlooked. The Canadian Rockies are home to a mixture of adventures that can take you into National Parks that very few have seen, National Treasures to be sure. Alberta’s gem destination of Banff can provide you with breathtaking attractions that will go above and beyond your expectations of a Canadian vacation. Marvel as you glide over Bow Valley in a glass enclosed Gondola, or hear the ancient Indian tales that belong to the Minnewanka Valley people as you cruise Banff Lake. And what can hardly be overlooked is the Columbia Icefield. Imagine all this in one town! Yes, Canada is a place to be experienced, I’d suggest starting in Banff, here is where you can get started… Go now.

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