Dog Sledding in Denali National Park

Iconic images of mushers, dog sledding amidst bitter cold on the white snowy landscape, are equally vivid and exciting. During the Iditarod Race, that covers over a thousand miles, many visitors come to Alaska towards the beginning of March, braving Alaskan winter, to experience and soak in the excitement of the race and dog sledding adventures.

Visitors, who come to Alaska in the summer months, can still experience the dog sledding. Denali National Park has a long history of dog sledding. Park rangers patrol the landscape during long winter months on dog sleds. National Park Services organize Sled Dog Demonstration during summer months giving visitors an opportunity to tour the park kennels and meet with Alaskan huskies and rangers who brave bitter winter to patrol the park, lending their hand in the preservation effort of this majestic land.

Denali area is also known for producing dog sledding legends and icons. One such living icon is Jeff King, the three times Iditarod Champion. During the summer months, you can visit Jeff King’s Husky Homestead Tours, and learn how he trains his dogs for various races. The tour is an educational experience for both kids and parents alike. Visitors get an inside look at sled dog racing in Alaska.

If you are up for riding on dog sleds, you can take advantage of Dog Ride and Wilderness Living Adventure tour. Beside the thrill and excitement of dog sledding, you will get an up close look into wilderness living.

Whether you are up for dog sled demonstration in Denali National Park, meet an Iditarod Icon or just experience local dog sledding, do not forget to make Denali Cabins your home. You can experience all these and other exiting park area adventure tours from Denali Cabins with free complimentary shuttle service to the park or free complimentary pick up and drop off service from various adventure tour operators.

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